Zooborns: Zoo Babies From Around the World by Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland


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Zooborns: Zoo Babies From Around the World

Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland

[G] I found this book when I was preparing for a zoo themed storytime and preschool visit.  I like including non-fiction books in my lineup as much as possible because it provides something a little different.  Teachers like to say “differentiation.”  I like to say “someone will appreciate it!” I honestly wasn’t sure how this would go over though.  I brought it to the daycares because I liked it so much.  When I decided to use it the kids LOVED IT.  Like, loved it so much that they were very upset when I didn’t show them all the pictures.  We oohed and awed over the cute tigers and orangutans and laughed at the big ears of the Fennec Fox.  Then we got off on a tangent talking about all the animals we had seen at the zoo.

This book is insanely cute.  Be prepared for lots of “awws!” and “oohs!” from little and big (you) alike! The premise of the book is that the reader gets to see the baby pictures of a variety of animals you would see at the zoo.  Each of the picture also has a little write up about the animal, including it’s name, what type of animal it is, and some fun facts about it.

DSC_1426[BH] So lets just say this is the most adorable animal book ever. You, yes you the parent, will most likely fall in love with all the cute baby animals just as much as your little will or you must really not like animals! This book is aimed at more of the wee littles as there are very few words but just like Ghost said above it will lead you into a fun conversation about all the animals you see at the zoo, and boy do I love when a book easily leads to fun conversations with your littles.

Motion and Movement Activity

Move like the animals! Call out an animal from the book or not and have your little move around the space like that animal – switch jobs let your little call out the animal and you can move around in the space – be silly and have fun!

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