You’re a Crab: A moody day book by Jenny Whitehead

You’re a Crab: A Moody Day Book

Jenny Whitehead

This book talks about FEELINGS.  Are you frustrated? mad? happy? silly? Want to be alone? This book relates all of those feelings to undersea creatures! I think the reason this book works so well is because of the illustrations.  Feelings can be hard to describe sometimes, but seeing how the animals are drawn and colored, that will help give your little an idea what each of these feelings really are.  For example, “you can be a friendly dolphin with a squeeeaky laugh.” And the picture has two dolphins, clearly smiling and having fun!

I like this book because it talks about how some days you are just NOT FEELING THINGS.  This books shows that sometimes, that is OK, and will give your little the concepts to help explain how they are feeling.  Plus, the book ends on a happy note.  It gives validation to your little’s
feelings and reassures them that you will be there, no matter what happens!

This book is not just about bad feelings though.  It also talks about hugging, kissing, laughing, playing moods.  Really, any mood!


[BH] To be absolutely honest, I was unsure of this book at the beginning. The cover is bright and busy and it just didn’t catch me in a good way but WHOA was I wrong. As I read the story of a crabby crab and all these other aquatic animals my feelings changed (like the book talks about) and it won me over. This book is great as it tells littles that it’s ok to feel like a crabby crab every once in a while, but eventually your feelings will change and you will feel like a silly jellyfish, a funny clownfish or any numerous other goofy animal they talk about!  The one thing I do wish this book talked about is that although you may feel like a crab and want to snatch at everyone you see, that you don’t react with your feelings, because that’s when you can get into trouble. But, what a fun book to help talk about emotions and feelings with your little. Now when your little is feeling crappy you can ask if they feel like a crab or do they need some space like the hermit crab?


Make a crabby crab, a silly jellyfish, a comforting octopus, a space needing hermit crab, basically make emotion creatures with your little. Use markers, colored pencils, torn paper, anything you are comfortable with. If you are a part of our newsletter list we will be sending out cute animal drawings to start off your emotion creatures. After you make these adorable creatures you can hang them up in the house and refer back to them during times of high emotions!

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  1. Alanna Smallwood says:

    I would love to receive the animal drawings that you mentioned in your activity. I am not signed up for your newsletter but will do so now.
    Thank you!

    • says:

      Did you ever get the animal drawings? Let us know if you haven’t and we’ll send them your way 🙂

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