Wordless Wednesdays! Wave by Suzy Lee


Illustrator: Suzy Lee

Wave is a beautifully simple book. Suzy Lee uses two colors and no words to tell the story of a little girl playing with and befriending a wave. The use of color is so strong you do not feel like the words are missing.

[BH] Let me just say I caught myself literally laughing out loud twice while reading this book. It is such a sweet, playful story about this little girl and the wave. It reminded me instantly of a little girl I nannied at the beach and how she would sit for hours at the water’s edge and watch it, make sure it didn’t touch her toes, or ruin her castle! And the fact that it is wordless just adds so much to this book. This story will let your little’s brain run wild with creating the story itself. Flip through the book once without making up a story and then read it again and let your little tell the story of this little girl. Give her a name, let imaginations run free – have them be in charge of the book and flipping the pages when they feel ready. Re-enact the story with your little the next time you go to the beach!

[G] Ok, the first reason I like Wave is because of the gorgeous illustrations and the blue color that is used! Blue has always been my favorite color, and this shade is one of my favorites.  I also really like the little girl in this story.  I don’t remember the first time I went to the beach, nor do I go to the beach that often (it’s hard when you live in the middle of the country!), but every time I do go, I pretty much act exactly like the little girl in the story.  I really see myself in her when she starts collecting all the shells.  (In fact, my mom can tell you about a time when we went to the beach, collected a bunch of shells, then left them to roast in the car’s glove compartment…).

Anyways, this story does a good job of asking your little to identify an emotion on the little girl’s face and then you can talk about it together.  If you’ve never been to the beach before, this would be a fun way to introduce them to it.  If you have been to the beach before, it’s a fun way to remind them of the fun they had!


Well this is an extension on what is above. If your little wants to tell the story, maybe you tell a story to go with the pictures first and then you switch – take out your phone (or whatever you can use to record) and audio record your little telling the story then at bedtime or right after they are done telling the story play it back for them while you are looking at the pictures! WOW they just became an author – how neat!

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