Wordless Wednesdays: Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle

Wordless Wednesday Flora and the Flamingo
Molly Idle

[G] Flora and the Flamingo is a beautifully illustrated book; done in shades of pink and white, with a splash of yellow, the colors add to the story. Flora, a young girl dressed in a swimsuit and flippers, decides to imitate a flamingo. Besides the color scheme of the book, perhaps one of the reasons I love this book is because there are flaps to lift! The flaps show movement in a way that really makes it seem like the flamingo has a shadow! And honestly, what child isn’t intrigued by flamingos.. they are just so different looking! Tall, skinny legs and so pink!!DSC_1480[BH] First of, a big hint that this is a great quality book is the fact there is a Caldecott Honor award on the cover. When in doubt while searching for a quality children’s book, look for that shiny decal on the cover and you’ll have found yourself a winner. So straight away I knew I was in for a fantastic “read”. This book is fun and playful and you get that vibe as soon as you look at that bright pink cover. I kind of wish I was Flora and got to play with a flamingo! It was a beautiful story about friendship, kindness and joy.

Since this story doesn’t have any words and HAS flaps it is perfect for littles to sit with by themselves. I remember absolutely loving any book that had some sort of interactive part to it. I could sit for hours [ ok, it was probably only 10 minutes but for littles 10 minutes feels like hours] lifting flaps, pulling tabs, all that good stuff.


Play Simon Says! You can play the traditional version to start and then change it up! Have one person stand at the front and do some actions and have the rest of the group, class, siblings imitate. This can be done in quiet even! Play some music! Have the kids make up a dances to the music and then imitate each other.

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