Where to buy!

So of course I am the biggest advocate of using your public library and to take books out from there to enjoy, but sometimes you just need to buy the book because it is soooooo good. Also toddler board books – lets get real here they basically just end up in the littles mouth, so library books aren’t the best. As I cruise around town shopping (ugh I need to stop) I always look to see if stores sell children’s books and let me tell you – lots of unsuspecting places do! Here is my quick roundup of places you can find great [board] books where you wouldn’t expect it (and a few expected places too).

  1. TJ MAXX / MARSHALLS – they always have great board books in their long check out lines, you know the last minute place to grab everything you don’t need. Well keep your eyes peeled because they usually have Dr. Seuss board books or Eric Carle board books that are great! Since its TJ MAXX/ MARSHALLS they are a little cheaper than usual = WIN WIN!
  2. SAMS CLUB – [maybe COSTCO but I don’t shop there] They have a great selection of board books and picture books. I always spend at least 5 minutes looking through their selection. They also have coloring and activity books! And again at a discounted price HOLLA!!
  3. TARGET – ok this one is a little obvious but seriously I walked through the little’s book section last time I was there and it was AMAZING. Board books, picture books, chapter books, all of it and a lot of new books as well. I was shocked.
  4. World Market if you have one! They have all the adorable Golden books series!
  5. Grocery Stores – keep your eyes out they aren’t always there.
  6. Garage sales/Church festivals – these are the best as you can sometimes find really old books – My mom found my Favorite book from my childhood at one of these and its an old book thats falling apart!

So  there you have a few places to find great fantastic board books for your toddler or picture books for your little!!!


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