What do you do with an Idea?

What do you do with an idea? by Kobi Yamada

DSC_1490 Kobi Yamada has created a stunningly beautiful book both in the illustrations and the idea behind this book. What do you do with an idea, is great for those littles that are nervous about sharing their thoughts or ideas. It is a great reminder that not everyone is the same as you and yes, people may laugh or not get it but keep persevering because in the end your idea could be magical. DSC_1491This story takes a concept, an idea, something that isn’t tangible and makes it so. The idea is a little golden egg in this story that a boy carries around with him and eventually he figures out what idea’s do. Idea’s change the world. What an amazing concept for a little to hear. It is an inspiring book for all to read. It helped remind me to keep going and working on the ideas I have for this little space of the internet. Idea’s created everything around you – what a wonderful way to look at the world. Without idea’s we wouldn’t have anything.


Set your little on an idea exploration! Ask them if they have any ideas they want to create and help them achieve one that is do-able. If you and your little are struggling for an idea, go for a walk around your block, go visit the library or the museum and take a notepad with you. Let your little jot down ‘notes’ or pictures of things that spark their interest and I know an idea will pop up sooner or later! Share with us all the fun idea and creations that come from this activity on facebook or instagram! Tag #bluehairandtheghost so we can see them 🙂

So what will you do with an idea?

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