#toddlertuesday is having one of those days! Sorry all for the late post but I am just glad it is up. I have searched high and low for one of my favorite pumpkin stories and have yet to find it. So in that case we are changing gears completely and going with a fun silly book I just found, Dot Town by Sonali Fry.

This book caught my eye at the book store and was just begging to be opened. The cover entices you in with the cute colorful dots. The story is short and sweet about all the places that blue could be. And low and behold he is just running late!

Little’s will love the colorful quality of the book and its playful rhyming. This is also a board book so great for those littles learning all about how to turn pages. Or those that enjoying tasting their literary sources, literally!

Hopefully cross your fingers I can share with you my favorite classroom pumpkin book next week!

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