Tips and Tricks: A Picture Walk!

Today’s post is about a technique we love using.  If you’re already doing this, great! If not, we hope you like it as much as we do!

Picture Walk

Ok, here’s a quick and easy way to help your little take just that much more from a book. Before you read the words on the cover, tell your little you are first going to take a look at the book and just look at the pictures. Open up the book and turn the pages as your normally would, but just talk about the pictures. What do you see? How do the characters look? Do you notice anything funny/unusual/scary?  Help your child make observations, especially the first couple of times you do this.  Don’t make up a story to go with the pictures, just simply be an observer.  Flip through the whole book and once your picture walk is complete, start at the beginning and read the story.  Don’t feel like you have to read the story afterwards though, sometimes a picture walk is enough for that day, and that’s ok.  Move on to the next book and eventually you will come back to it.

Why are picture walks so great? All those observations you and your little just made about the characters and the story will come together with the words of the story. Did you notice that something in the story was actually different than how you observed during your picture walk? Talk about why that may have been.

When you are going through and reading the story your little will start to connect the fact that those scribbles on the page are actually what tells the story. The language that you used during your observations encourages and enhances your littles vocabulary! Making observations about feelings and characters during the picture walk will help your child identify those things in life.

This is also an easy way to read any book that your little can do themselves. So talk about taking a picture walk, guide them through picture walks and the next time you are trying to juggle 15 things and make dinner and your little needs something to do hand them a book and remind them about taking a picture walk. Have them tell you everything that they see in the book while you cook dinner/make lunch/clean the floors/fold laundry and keep the wee little from crying again!

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