This is the world by Miroslav Sasek

imageNow this is a BIG book. It is heavy, larger than a regular book and quite thick. It reminds me more of an encyclopedia or resource book than your average picture book. Half of the reason is because it is more of an anthology of a lot of Sasek’s different books. It is a fabulous, albeit a little outdated, visual journey of different cities.

If you have the travel bug and are itching for a journey with your little go grab this book! It portrays many different countries and cities in gorgeous illustrations.  Yes the Empire State Building is now dwarfed by many other tall skyscrapers but that doesn’t discredit how marvelous it was!  Use this book to explore the different cities. If one particular place really grabs your little use it as a spring board and check out more books on that place! Look up pictures online. Find a cookbook with recipes from that place and cook something with your little. The ideas are endless!

This book will lead you and your little on adventure around the world that will open many doors to be creative!

I hope you all enjoy. Happy reading! Let us know where your travels take you!


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