This Is The Way We Go To School by Laine Falk

This Is the Way We Go To School

A Scholastic News Nonfiction Reader

Laine Falk


Ok, so I decided to put in a nonfiction book into this roundup.  And this nonfiction book isn’t so much a story as talking about how kids get to school in different places.  However, I think that in the lead up to school it’s fun to talk about other things than just that first day.  Learning about how other kids get to school could be really interesting for you little! I know that I really liked geography growing up (my dad and I played a game as I got older about naming states….), so this is just something different.  


This book is exactly what it says: it talks about different ways to get to school and how children in different countries get to school.  Most of the modes of transport will probably be at least a little familiar (bikes, cars, walking).  But some might not be (boats, donkeys, snowmobiles!).  Plus, as a former social studies teacher, introducing nonfiction books into your little’s life in an easy way is a good idea! Lots of older kids get turned off by nonfiction books because they associate them with textbooks.  Nonfiction books can be just as interesting as fiction!



Have your little conduct a survey: how do their friends get to school? Make one list.  Maybe take some pictures! And then have them also ask, how would you like to get to school? Make another list.  Then have your little draw those wishes!
There is a website that the book links to and could be interesting to peruse! It hasn’t been updated since about 2011, but there are still some pictures that might be fun to look at!

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