The Super Hungry Dinosaur by Martin Waddell

Super Hungry Dinosaur

Martin Waddell



One of the first storytimes I ever prepared had a rough theme of EATING (food is something I think about a lot!).  When I was searching for good books for the preschoolers, I came across this book and fell in love with it! The story centers around a young boy and his dog whose play is interrupted by a SUPER HUNGRY DINOSAUR! This Super Hungry Dinosaur says he’s going to eat the boy, the dog, the boy’s mom, the boy’s dad… you get the picture.  The boy isn’t having any of that nonsense, so he tries to stop the dino! Does he stop the dino? How does he stop the dino? IT’S FANTASTIC.


I like this book not just because of the fun illustrations and silly storyline, but because the author doesn’t let a tantrum-y dino get his way.  (But the illustrations are fantastic! They are so funny! And emotive!) When I was reading this book to the preschoolers, I really acted up the tantrum part.  Every single kid recognized that the dinosaur was being silly and needed to take a breather.  They also loved that this crazy library lady was pretending to be an angry, tantrum-throwing dinosaur!


You should read this book! Do it!



Talking about feelings when upset.  A big part of this book is a super hungry dinosaur acs out and makes a mess, then he realizes his actions were wrong (after lots of help from the boy!) and fixes his mess.

Even as adults we say things out of HANGER (hungry anger) and when we cool down we realize what we did was wrong.

Talk about those moments with the littles, relate it back to the dinosaur!

Then maybe make some yummy spaghetti for dinner with your little (stirring is a great job!), just like in the book!

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