The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

The Kissing Hand

Now this is a must read for those starting school this year or those going back to school. I always read this book to my class of littles during the first week of school. There is just no way around this book during this time.

The story is about a little raccoon who is worried about going to school and the momma raccoon shares a family secret about the kissing hand. The kissing hand is the littles hand where his momma kisses it – that kiss cannot and will never rub off. So when the little is scared or nervous or unsure about something they can look at their hand and know their momma (or pappa) is with them.

Let me tell you I have caught many a littles in my classroom looking at their hand throughout that first week of school, checking to make sure the kiss is still there, getting that little bit of extra courage to go play with a new friend. I have also had to convince littles that they still have to wash their hands, even though their kiss is there but not to worry because it doesn’t come off with water.

If you have a little that is super nervous about going to school this is the book for you – read it and read it and read it, and on that first day of school give your little the biggest kiss on the hand your heart can handle – you might need one from them too!


A little activity to go along with this wonderful story. Here is what you need


-crayons/ anything to color with

Fold the paper in half along the long side so you have two sections and have your little draw a picture of something they are nervous/scared about regarding going to school and write down what they say. On the other side have them draw something that they are excited about and write down what they say. When they are done talk about what you can do together, how you can help them not worry too much about the thing they are scared about. Also don’t forget to ask WHY!

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