The Heart in a Bottle by Oliver Jeffers

DSC_1504 First before I talk about the book I have to say two things. One isn’t our new logo the most adorable thing ever? I am so excited about it, I might explode. And two, are you ready for #bhgfallfun challenge? I hope you join in on the fun.

Today’s book is by a wonderful author that we have already shared with you Oliver Jeffers, and like the ABC book we shared with you, this book does not disappoint! However this book is a little more somber and serious than his abc book.

The Heart and the Bottle is a beautifully written book about loss. A little girl has a wild imagination that doesn’t stop, but then one day she finds the chair empty and a decides that it would be best to lock her heart up in a bottle. Her imagination disappears and everything seems empty to her, until she meets a little girl whose imagination is non-stop. She then decides she needs to take her heart out of the bottle and her imagination and life becomes full again!DSC_1505

The book is very subtle and could be read without getting much meaning from it but honestly I kind of like it that way. A little will listen to this book and in the back of their mind absorb this idea that you shouldn’t hide your heart in order to protect it but just let it be, so you can be you.

Of course just like the abc book Oliver Jeffer’s illustrations are out of this world. I love the way he creates the illusion of texture where there isn’t any. The use of color helps create the somber feeling of the book, oh it’s just wonderful.

Activity: set up an invitation to create!

Gather some things around the house or outside like branches, screws, buttons, anything really and place them on a table with paper, colored pencils/crayons, glue and let your little create something from their imagination!


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