So Thanksgiving is FAST APPROACHING! Today I have two Thanksgiving books that I think are cute.  There are actually a number of nice books about being thankful and being with family, so don’t think these are it!

The first book is……

Sharing the Bread: An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Story by Pat Zietlow Miller


This book is set in the early 1900s or late 1800s and is about a large family preparing the Thanksgiving meal.  Everyone in the family, from grandma and grandpa to little baby have a job to do! It’s a simple story, but one that most families will recognize, even to this day.  The text is simple and rhythmic, with only a few lines on each page.


I think that the illustrations do a nice job of really making the past come alive.  It doesn’t say this anywhere in the story, but this could easily have been any immigrant family in the United States during this time period.  Which is maybe why I like this a lot! Thanksgiving is an American tradition, and everyone can join in! It is clear that every single member of the family is taking pride in the part they are doing for the dinner and it is clear that they are all thankful for each other member of their family.  A true Thanksgiving!

This book could be a good way to talk about what will be happening on the BIG DAY! If your family is having a large family Thanksgiving, it can be overwhelming for the little ones because so much is different! Maybe talk about who is coming and what they like to eat or will be making, just like this book does! Maybe if it’s not going to be a big Thanksgiving, you can talk about the different foods that will be at your dinner and if they are similar to the foods in the book!

The second book I want to talk about is called….

Setting the Turkeys Free by W. Nikola-Lisa


This is a silly story about a young boy who makes turkeys out of his handprints! Now, he doesn’t just paint his hand and press it on the paper, he also decorates the turkeys, and then he creates a whole story about his turkeys! He puts them in a fence, but then a fox is coming, and what’s a turkey to do!??


I wanted to talk about this book too because of all the imagination this little boy puts into his artwork! Plus, this could be a fun activity for you little to do around the big day! Especially if family is coming into town and there are more little ones all around. Sometimes, imagination is easier when you have friends 🙂  (I know, I know, this could be messy! Find a place, maybe outside? that won’t stress you out if it gets dirty.  Cover the table with a trash bag and let them go! The trash bag will make for easy clean up).

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