Templeton Gets his Wish by Greg Pizzoli

I was debating between two stories to put up and this one won out. I will post the other one about cold weather (SNOW!) later this week but I am to cold to start thinking about snow right now so Templeton Gets his Wish won out! I am glad it did because I have been meaning to share this book for a while.


First and foremost the author/illustrator Greg Pizzoli is from my favorite city ever, Philadelphia and that right there is enough for me to buy a book but it is also a very sweet story with a great lesson in it.

Templeton is a little tiger(?) who is annoyed with his family nagging and bothering him so he wishes them away, and then he gets lonely, a little scared and maybe a little stinky that he wishes they would come back. I won’t ruin the whole thing for you but I bet you can guess what happens in the end!

The illustrations in the book use a very specific color palette making it very cohesive and fun to look at.

Instead of an activity here are a few questions you could ask your little while or after reading the book:

-What would you wish for?

-Would you be lonely without your family around?

-Should Templeton have used his brothers piggybank to buy his wish machine?

Hope you all enjoy the book and Happy Reading!

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