Chalk by Bill Thomson

Wordless Wednesday!


Bill Thomson

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So recently, the parking lot at the library has had lots of chalk drawings. I love seeing them! The kids that did the drawings were clearly into it–there were tons of them! These drawings were part of the reason that I chose this book this week!

So Chalk is a book about three kids who use their imaginations to brighten up a rainy day! One of the kids brings a bag of chalk to the park and each of the kids draws something different.  One girl draws a sun and from there things get crazy! One of the boy draws a dinosaur and they need to think fast to take care of it.  

I really like the creativity of this book.  Plus, the way the book is illustrated is fun–it is made to look like a photograph.  There is one page that sticks in my mind: there is a close up of one of the girls when she picks her chalk, and the look of pure EXCITEMENT! It’s fantastic.  This one picture is one of the top reasons I like this book.  I feel like I have had a look like that on my face at least once in my life.  It’s wonderful.

chalk 2


Get some sidewalk chalk and let your imagination run wild! Maybe ask your little what would make their rainy day better!

Wordless Wednesdays: Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle

Wordless Wednesday Flora and the Flamingo
Molly Idle

[G] Flora and the Flamingo is a beautifully illustrated book; done in shades of pink and white, with a splash of yellow, the colors add to the story. Flora, a young girl dressed in a swimsuit and flippers, decides to imitate a flamingo. Besides the color scheme of the book, perhaps one of the reasons I love this book is because there are flaps to lift! The flaps show movement in a way that really makes it seem like the flamingo has a shadow! And honestly, what child isn’t intrigued by flamingos.. they are just so different looking! Tall, skinny legs and so pink!!DSC_1480[BH] First of, a big hint that this is a great quality book is the fact there is a Caldecott Honor award on the cover. When in doubt while searching for a quality children’s book, look for that shiny decal on the cover and you’ll have found yourself a winner. So straight away I knew I was in for a fantastic “read”. This book is fun and playful and you get that vibe as soon as you look at that bright pink cover. I kind of wish I was Flora and got to play with a flamingo! It was a beautiful story about friendship, kindness and joy.

Since this story doesn’t have any words and HAS flaps it is perfect for littles to sit with by themselves. I remember absolutely loving any book that had some sort of interactive part to it. I could sit for hours [ ok, it was probably only 10 minutes but for littles 10 minutes feels like hours] lifting flaps, pulling tabs, all that good stuff.


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Wordless Wednesdays! Wave by Suzy Lee


Illustrator: Suzy Lee

Wave is a beautifully simple book. Suzy Lee uses two colors and no words to tell the story of a little girl playing with and befriending a wave. The use of color is so strong you do not feel like the words are missing.

[BH] Let me just say I caught myself literally laughing out loud twice while reading this book. It is such a sweet, playful story about this little girl and the wave. It reminded me instantly of a little girl I nannied at the beach and how she would sit for hours at the water’s edge and watch it, make sure it didn’t touch her toes, or ruin her castle! And the fact that it is wordless just adds so much to this book. This story will let your little’s brain run wild with creating the story itself. Flip through the book once without making up a story and then read it again and let your little tell the story of this little girl. Give her a name, let imaginations run free – have them be in charge of the book and flipping the pages when they feel ready. Re-enact the story with your little the next time you go to the beach!

[G] Ok, the first reason I like Wave is because of the gorgeous illustrations and the blue color that is used! Blue has always been my favorite color, and this shade is one of my favorites.  I also really like the little girl in this story.  I don’t remember the first time I went to the beach, nor do I go to the beach that often (it’s hard when you live in the middle of the country!), but every time I do go, I pretty much act exactly like the little girl in the story.  I really see myself in her when she starts collecting all the shells.  (In fact, my mom can tell you about a time when we went to the beach, collected a bunch of shells, then left them to roast in the car’s glove compartment…).

Anyways, this story does a good job of asking your little to identify an emotion on the little girl’s face and then you can talk about it together.  If you’ve never been to the beach before, this would be a fun way to introduce them to it.  If you have been to the beach before, it’s a fun way to remind them of the fun they had!


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The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney


[BH] The Lion and the Mouse is a beautifully drawn wordless book. This illustrations in this book take my breath away, plus it is a wonderful story to expose your little to. The story is an adaptation of the Aesop’s fable about the lion and the mouse, which originally is a 43 stanza poem. The fable touches on the subjects of mutual respect, no matter the size, and kindness and karma.  I believe, blue hair here, about what comes around goes around, a small lesson on . In the story, the lion has the chance to eat the mouse, but chooses not to have the mouse as a meal, and is then later surprised when the mouse returns helps the lion from being someone’s dinner.


[BH] Not only is this an amazing moral story, that holds weight for everybody(even us adults!) it is gorgeous to look at. The drawings are so detailed and beautiful. It took my breath away the first time I opened up this book.  Every time I read this book, I take away a little bit more about being a good person and doing a kind act.


[G] When creating sets of books to take to schools and daycares, we try to include some sort of fable or fairy tale for every classroom.  Jerry Pinkney books are always high on the list when we start looking! His illustrations are always fantastic, but the ones in this book are really stand-out.  You can see so much emotion from the two main characters! Maybe my favorite illustration is the one where the lion has caught the mouse, and the mouse is looking up at the lion with these wide, fearful eyes, clearly thinking OH NO I AM ABOUT TO BE EATEN.


[G] I think that this book would be a really good candidate for a picture walk.  It’s essentially wordless anyways, but it does have a known story, so being able to connect the emotions and actions in the pictures to the story you will then tell them completes the picture walk!


Talk with your little and figure out an act of kindness that you and your little can feasible do!

Leave a bag of change next to a parking meter.Volunteer at a dog shelter. Create cards to pick up kids at a shelter or hospital. Hold the door open for the next person who is behind you!Tell their friend something they love about them


Let your little try and come up with an idea – Their ideas can be a simple things we wouldn’t think about. Like high fiving everyone in their classroom or all their teachers!

Wordless Wednesday


Journey by Aaron Becker

Welcome to our first review of a wordless book. I (Blue Hair) love wordless books because they allow your imagination to run wild. There is no story to limit what is happening in the book. And, bonus, your little can read this book no matter where they are in the process of learning to read.

[G] Journey tells the story of a young girl who lives in a big city.  The girl clearly wants to play, but her family is too busy.  However, this doesn’t stop the girl. She creates her own adventure using a red crayon. Using her imagination, the little girl visits fantastical lands, big cities, and ships in the sky.  She even starts chasing a bird and then makes a new friend in her real-life city. Since this is a wordless story, the illustrations are vibrant and telling.

This story celebrates imagination and this is why I like it so much.  Boring days happen –  maybe it’s raining outside, maybe all your child’s friends are busy, or maybe your little just can’t settle down to some of the toys they play with every day.  But this story shows kids that they can always be entertained by imagining.

Also, this is a story that can be read in pieces.  Perhaps you just want to look at the first world the young girl imagines.  Maybe you like the cloud ship and just want to look at that.  It’s up to you and your little!

Blue Hair here, and after I opened this book up, I knew I would love it, and that any little who loves imaginary worlds would love it too. The second page when the little girl escapes from her boring life, where everyone is too busy to play with her, sets you free in a magical world. The illustrations are incredibly detailed and invite you to get lost in them. I love the way Aaron Becker uses color, everything is just slightly subdued except for the little girls red pen. The end of this story brings a smile to your face and will brighten anyone’s day. Remember you can never be bored as long as you have your imagination!


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