Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills

Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin!

Tad Hills


I have a REALLY, SUPER FUN book for Toddler Tuesday today! I always really like the Duck and Goose books.  If you haven’t read any of them yet, you should! The series follows a young duck and a young goose as they become friends and the antics they get up to!

In this installment, Duck and Goose see their friend Thistle has found a pumpkin so they decide that they want to find one too! They search everywhere.  On top of a stump, in a hollow long, and under water! But they can’t find one anywhere! Don’t worry, they find one after some help from Thistle! I laughed out loud when Thistle suggested the final place to look–the pumpkin patch!


This book is pretty simple, but on sturdy board book pages (but it’s a big board book!).  And the illustrations are fantastic, as always.  Really, if you haven’t done Duck and Goose yet.. DO IT NOW!


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One Family by George Shannon


One Family by George Shannon

This book is mostly about families, with some counting thrown in.  It’s a really nice book because George Shannon counts up to 10

[G] The main reason that I like this book is because it shows all different types of families, not just a traditional 2 parent, 2 kid household.  It has large, extended families and small, 2 people families.  The book has families that all look the same and families that look quite different from each other.  And it shows families doing normal activities like cooking and going to the zoo.

I also like the repetitiveness of it–each page ends with the same two words: “One family.”


[BH] I think this book is a fabulously subtle counting book. It is all about a family being one, how different people make up different families but they are still ONE family. Throughout the book each page represents a number, after reading the book a couple of times you start to notice different things. George Shannon also does a fantastic job at diversifying the families that he portrays!  I fell in love with this book after reading up to the second page. Also he ends its that we are all one family on one earth – what a great little message!

Since the characters are doing a lot of activities you have most likely done at one time or another with your little use that to start a conversation about those experiences! When was the last time you went to the zoo? walked down the sidewalk with your whole family? Sat and watched the waves?


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City Colors by Zoran Milich

City Colors

Zoran Milich

[BH] This book is a fun and simple colors concept book. I first want to say I was totally impressed with the Houston Public Library – they had a whole little activity set for this book – it was so neat!Anyways back to the City Colors,  this book is a very basic, yet eye catching color book – great for the wee littles and also for those learning to read and sound things out as they will definitely feel successful with this book.  The pictures are vibrant and colorful (hahaha!) just what you need for book about colors. This is a book your little can read by themselves, or you can read together.
DSC_1440[G] This book is pretty straight forward, which is probably why I like it! It’s fun too because the pictures in the book are actual photographs of real things (cones! walls!) Your little should be able to recognize at least some things, or spot differences to things he sees everyday with what is in the book (a red London bus, for example!).  All around a solid book.

Color activities are endless so here are 2:

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Some Bugs by Angela DiTerlizzi

DSC_1437Some Bugs

Words by Angela DiTerlizzi

Bugs by Brendan Wenzel

[G] What child doesn’t love bugs? Even though I’ve grown up to be quite anti-bug, I really enjoyed finding bugs growing up! This book is perfect for your bug-loving child.  It’s a simple book that takes bugs they will know and bugs that they might not know (yet) and pairs them with simple words (crawl, ball, hide, etc).  The illustrations show the bugs in their natural habitat, but make them less scary looking than in real life (I don’t know about you, but spiders creep me out, but the spider in this book is really quite cute).

(Now, I know what some of you might be thinking–Hey! Spiders aren’t bugs! But this could be an interesting conversation, if you want, or you could just accept it for now).

I used this in a storytime and it worked really nicely.  The illustrations are bright and the text short enough to keep even the most fidgety of littles entertained!

DSC_1438[BH] EWWW BUGS, not with this book, the bugs are cute and friendly looking. I love the way the book repeats the words “Some bugs”. It is perfect for beginner readers – help them identify the title of the book and then they can help read the story! It is a book that will help those littles gain confidence in their reading skills! The illustrations are amazing and will aide those little readers in figuring out what the new word on the page is!!

The best part of this book I think is the last page. All of the bugs that were in the book are labeled – how much fun! I never knew there was a bug called a snakefly, or even a whirligig beetle! The illustrations by Brendan Wenzel are out of this park! I hope you and your little enjoy it as much as we did! Go get buggy!


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