Red, White and Boom By Lee Wardlaw


Red, White, and Boom! Shows three different popular Fourth of July activities—parades, beach going, and firework watching! It has simple text, but lots of activity going on in the bold illustrations.  Littles should be able to recognize something that they do on the Fourth—eating, playing, swimming, kite flying, music listening—whatever!  

[G] I like this book because it’s deceptively simple.  The text is short, sweet, and rhymes.  BUT! The illustrations make it much more complex! There’s lots of stuff happening on each page and everything is bright, bold, and clear.  My favorite part is the parade section at the beginning!

I also really like this book because it shows everything that I ALWAYS wanted to do on this holiday.  Pretty much for as long as I can remember, I had swim meets on July 4th weekend.  Sometimes we would go see fireworks, or set off fireworks in the street, but I always wanted to go to parades, or the beach, or BBQs.  This book is really me living out (through a book!) my childhood Fourth of July dreams!IMG_4229

[BH] Color! This book is full of vibrant paper cut out illustrations, perfect for a good Fourth of July celebration book.  The rhyming enhances the simple language used to portraty the fun and liveliness of different types of celebrations. I really enjoyed this book because it shows different ways people tend to enjoy their Fourth. Personally, if I had a choice I would be at the beach, toes in the sand, soaking up those rays of sunshine!

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