Summer Fun: Paint the Sidewalk


Paint the Sidewalk!

This is a fun easy activity for a really hot day. When that really hot day comes, bring this fun activity out for your little. All you need is a bucket/bowl/container that will hold water and paint brushes – any kind that you have! Take the water outside and paint the sidewalk/driveway/backyard whatever! Simple, quick and fun. What little doesn’t love water and what a fun way to enjoy the outdoors on a hot day.


You could even take this to the local pool or fountain where you like to play on hot days! It’s a portable activity.

DSC_1416I tried to write out Sidewalk Painting – but it is so hot here in Houston it started to evaporate before I could get the picture! So you can take it one notch higher, you can start talking to your little about what happens to their drawing after a while. Where is it going? What is causing it to disappear? Fun and science, who knew it was so simple and easy!

Where’s the Pair by Britta Teckentrup


Where’s the Pair
Britta Teckentrup

[BH] Ok, are you ready? This book is fantastic. Brain busting fantastic. I picked this book up thinking, oh fun a matching book, and finished feeling like my brain just worked out. Honestly the most beautiful and challenging matching book I have seen out there. It takes a simple concept and actually makes it hard, but don’t worry, it isn’t impossible. Here is the concept: find the two matching animals on each page. I can say you and your little will enjoy the challenge and while you are at it you get to look at gorgeous illustrations of different animals.
But this book is not only beautiful each double page comes with a well written poem about the animal you are pairing. The words roll smoothly off your tongue and just add that much more to the book.
Britta Teckentrup has done a stand up job on this book. This is a great book for littles to look at by themselves and for a rainy day activity – trust me it will take some time to get through the whole thing. Or pick it up here and there and just pick a random page to read, that’s the beauty to a book full of short poems!IMG_4343

[G] When my request for this book came in, my colleagues and I all sat around looking for the pairs. In fact, all four of us in the youth services department were entranced by the book! I actually had to request the book (since we didn’t have our copy yet!), but when we got our branch’s new copy, all four of us were, again, enthralled by the book! In fact, we even had some of our school age regulars try it out. They liked it too! This is a can’t go wrong book. CHECK IT OUT IMMEDIATELY!!!!

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Me and My Dragon by David Biedrzycki


[G] I was introduced to this book during a storytime.  As I was sitting in front of 10 preschoolers and parents, I started snorting with laughter.  A fire breathing dragon that gets gas! I was not expecting that!

[G] A family pet has never been so interesting! In this lovely picture book, a young boy gets a fire breathing dragon for a pet.  Biedrzycki goes through all of the responsibilities of owning a pet: feeding them, training them, keeping them clean (!) and loving them.  The inside flap advertises “7 Tips for raising a dragon” that include “keep a fire extinguisher handy” “read to him every night” and “Hug him every day.”  A good book to teach about how pets are a part of the family and the responsibilities they require.  The illustrations are bright and lively and the story is funny enough to keep both adults and children entertained!


[BH] The concept of this book is fantastic – A dragon as a pet – what kid won’t love this book. Sorry, in advance parents for all the begging that might ensue after reading this story! The best part of this book are all the characters faces, my are they sure expressive. When reading this book to a little I would make sure to take the time and point out all the different characters and ask a lot of “hmm…how do you think this person is feeling?” “Why are they feeling that way” “how can you tell that character is feeling (insert whatever feeling your little says)”  I love using books to talk about feelings and this book has such expressive illustrations it just shouts for you to do just that!

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