Penguin on Vacation by Salina Yoon

Penguin on Vacation

Salina Yoon

penguin 1

So I’m not really sure why this is, but littles love penguins!! I mean, look at the success of movies like March of the Penguins, Happy Feet, or the Penguins of Madagascar! (Actually, maybe it’s just a human thing? Because I know I like them too…) In any case, this penguin book will be a big hit! Plus, it’s one in a series of books, and if you haven’t already learned this, SERIES BOOKS ARE AMAZING.  It makes it so much easier to go find books when you have a series you’re working on.


Ok, so Penguin on Vacation.  Penguin lives in the icy Antarctic and is tired of all his usual pastimes–skiing, sledding, ice skating–so he decides to go on vacation! Penguin rides an ice floe all the way until it disintegrates somewhere tropical.  Once on this tropical island, Penguin tries to do all the things he does at home–skiing on sand dunes, skating, sledding, but none of it works.  Penguin isn’t sure he’s having a good time.  However, Crab comes into the picture and shows Penguin just what to do on a tropical island.  They make sandcastle and play to their heart’s content.  In the process, they become friends!


Penguin finally needs to go back home and is sad to leave Crab.  But this isn’t the end of their story! Crab stows away to visit Penguin and the two remain friends, even through all the distance.  Really a fantastic story that describes the power of friendship!



Go to the playground and make sandcastles! See if your little can join forces and build a sandcastle with a friend.  Maybe play “keep it up” and then let your little adjust the game as they want.  Just play!    

Chalk by Bill Thomson

Wordless Wednesday!


Bill Thomson

chalk 1

So recently, the parking lot at the library has had lots of chalk drawings. I love seeing them! The kids that did the drawings were clearly into it–there were tons of them! These drawings were part of the reason that I chose this book this week!

So Chalk is a book about three kids who use their imaginations to brighten up a rainy day! One of the kids brings a bag of chalk to the park and each of the kids draws something different.  One girl draws a sun and from there things get crazy! One of the boy draws a dinosaur and they need to think fast to take care of it.  

I really like the creativity of this book.  Plus, the way the book is illustrated is fun–it is made to look like a photograph.  There is one page that sticks in my mind: there is a close up of one of the girls when she picks her chalk, and the look of pure EXCITEMENT! It’s fantastic.  This one picture is one of the top reasons I like this book.  I feel like I have had a look like that on my face at least once in my life.  It’s wonderful.

chalk 2


Get some sidewalk chalk and let your imagination run wild! Maybe ask your little what would make their rainy day better!