One by Kathryn Otoshi

DSC_1333[BH] This story is seriously incredible. Kathryn Otoshi addresses the issue of bullying in the most unique and engaging way I have ever seen. I love the way she uses colors and numbers to portray the characters in the story. She creates opportunities for you to talk with your little without having to ask too much: Have you ever felt like blue? Have you met anyone like red? Wouldn’t it be nice to be like 1? I mean, she somehow fits colors, counting, and a moral lesson into this compact story without making you feel overwhelmed! I am in awe of the impact this book can make on anyone who reads it. It is a fabulous story for your little and also a small reminder for yourself to always be that positive light.  Thank you, Kathryn Otoshi, for writing this book.

[G] Honestly, this book is just fantastic.  The colors are vibrant, the way Otoshi characterizes the colors and the numbers makes you really feel what she describes, and the morals she teaches are lifelong lessons.   This is a great book to help you start talking about feelings with your little, she covers a lot! And she doesn’t just put random feelings in the book, these are things your little will experience at some point, if they haven’t already.  Case in point: bullying.  I personally think talking about bullying can be challenging, because emotions can run high.  However, this book does a great job of introducing the concept in a way that little can understand.  It’s a great way to start this discussion.  The way that Otoshi also deals with the bully is refreshing.  It’s nice to see a character actually stand up to a bully in a respectful, yet powerful way, and the feelings produced because of that.

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