Father’s Day by Anne Rockwell

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Now on to our regularly scheduled Father’s day post:

So first off dad, if you are reading this stop now give it to your wife and come back on thursday!

Father’s Day is a story narrated by a young boy in a classroom.  The boy’s class is preparing for father’s day by writing books about all the things each child likes to do with their fathers.  They draw pictures, write, share, and ultimately publish the stories for their fathers’ special day.  The children in the class present their special presents at a class party where their dads are the guests of honor.

[G] This is a simple, but cute, story.  Part of the reason I think this is such a good book is because each child describes doing different things with their father.  Some talk about singing, some talk about cooking, some worry about which father to celebrate (does she celebrate both her biological dad and her step father? Or just one?), and some talk about the things their father has taught them.  This would be a fun way to get your little talking about why they love hanging out with their dad so much!

[BH] I love this story about father’s day, it is simple yet effective. All the children love different things about their dads/pappi/papa/father. It brings that edge of diversity that isn’t overwhelming but just happens to be there. Just like Ghost said use this book to start a fun conversation about your littles dad.  And what better way than to fill out this cute little questionnaire we have created for your little to give their dad!  I love the answers littles give for these questionnaire’s they are always the best.

Please tag us with your filled questionnaires over on instagram we can’t wait to see the answers your little comes up with!!!