The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

The Kissing Hand

Now this is a must read for those starting school this year or those going back to school. I always read this book to my class of littles during the first week of school. There is just no way around this book during this time.

The story is about a little raccoon who is worried about going to school and the momma raccoon shares a family secret about the kissing hand. The kissing hand is the littles hand where his momma kisses it – that kiss cannot and will never rub off. So when the little is scared or nervous or unsure about something they can look at their hand and know their momma (or pappa) is with them.

Let me tell you I have caught many a littles in my classroom looking at their hand throughout that first week of school, checking to make sure the kiss is still there, getting that little bit of extra courage to go play with a new friend. I have also had to convince littles that they still have to wash their hands, even though their kiss is there but not to worry because it doesn’t come off with water.

If you have a little that is super nervous about going to school this is the book for you – read it and read it and read it, and on that first day of school give your little the biggest kiss on the hand your heart can handle – you might need one from them too!

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Sergio Makes a Splash by Edel Rodriguez

Before we get to the book…..a little announcement 🙂

So school is starting soon….eek!  Summer always goes by so quickly! We know that August is spent gearing up for the upcoming school year, whether it is half day preschool or full day elementary school (or preschool!).  So we’ve decided to gear up with you!

Blue Hair and I will be posting one book a day for the next two weeks with our picks for getting your little ready for school time!

So without further ado….

Sergio Makes a Splash!

Edel Rodriguez


Sergio is a penguin who loves water–taking baths, icy drinks, puddles.  However, Sergio is a penguin who cannot swim, so he’s scared of deep water! Sergio’s first day of school comes and he is SCARED (it’s swimming school of course!).  He has his floaties and his friends’ encouragement… but can he do it?


I found this book when I was preparing for a beach themed storytime.  While I did not end up using it in my storytime, I really enjoyed reading it! Part of the reason it appeals to me is because it is silly (anything with floaties!) and I can see myself doing what Sergio does–making excuse after excuse, but then doing what he is scared of.


This book is silly and cute.  The illustrations, done in four colors (white, black, blue/green turquoisey, and orange), make the book easy to look at and focus on important things.  As you read, your little will be giggling at Sergio and his actions and words.  It’s also a really good book to use to talk about the first day of school.  There is bound to be something your little is scared about on his first day, just like Sergio was! Being able to point out that Sergio was scared, but he did the thing he was scared of, will help give your own little some confidence.



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The Super Hungry Dinosaur by Martin Waddell

Super Hungry Dinosaur

Martin Waddell



One of the first storytimes I ever prepared had a rough theme of EATING (food is something I think about a lot!).  When I was searching for good books for the preschoolers, I came across this book and fell in love with it! The story centers around a young boy and his dog whose play is interrupted by a SUPER HUNGRY DINOSAUR! This Super Hungry Dinosaur says he’s going to eat the boy, the dog, the boy’s mom, the boy’s dad… you get the picture.  The boy isn’t having any of that nonsense, so he tries to stop the dino! Does he stop the dino? How does he stop the dino? IT’S FANTASTIC.


I like this book not just because of the fun illustrations and silly storyline, but because the author doesn’t let a tantrum-y dino get his way.  (But the illustrations are fantastic! They are so funny! And emotive!) When I was reading this book to the preschoolers, I really acted up the tantrum part.  Every single kid recognized that the dinosaur was being silly and needed to take a breather.  They also loved that this crazy library lady was pretending to be an angry, tantrum-throwing dinosaur!


You should read this book! Do it!



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