Chalk by Bill Thomson

Wordless Wednesday!


Bill Thomson

chalk 1

So recently, the parking lot at the library has had lots of chalk drawings. I love seeing them! The kids that did the drawings were clearly into it–there were tons of them! These drawings were part of the reason that I chose this book this week!

So Chalk is a book about three kids who use their imaginations to brighten up a rainy day! One of the kids brings a bag of chalk to the park and each of the kids draws something different.  One girl draws a sun and from there things get crazy! One of the boy draws a dinosaur and they need to think fast to take care of it.  

I really like the creativity of this book.  Plus, the way the book is illustrated is fun–it is made to look like a photograph.  There is one page that sticks in my mind: there is a close up of one of the girls when she picks her chalk, and the look of pure EXCITEMENT! It’s fantastic.  This one picture is one of the top reasons I like this book.  I feel like I have had a look like that on my face at least once in my life.  It’s wonderful.

chalk 2


Get some sidewalk chalk and let your imagination run wild! Maybe ask your little what would make their rainy day better!

Monster, Monster by Melanie Walsh

Monster, Monster

Melanie Walsh


So a few weeks ago, it was my week for storytime and through a series of unforeseen events it was the day before and I still wasn’t sure what I was doing.  Oops. So I decided to do find the most interactive, flip-the-flap books I could (you know, the instant kid-approved books at storytime).  And thus I found Monster, Monster.  This has quickly become a favorite to use at daycares for all ages and to even use for older kids at school visits!


The premise of Monster, Monster is simple.  There is a monster hidden somewhere in the book and the reader needs to find him! Each page has someone/something hidden behind a black shape that then flips down to reveal who is hidden! I had lots of fun with the kids as they tried to guess if the monster was behind each of the flaps.  The kids really enjoyed shouting out what they thought it was and then groaning and laughing after they were right or wrong.  


The text in this book is super simple, but it works for the book.  With enough readings, maybe your little will be able to read it to you!


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