Chick-O-Saurus Rex by Lenore and Daniel Jennewein

Chick-O-Saurus Rex

Lenore and Daniel Jennewein


I’m going to be honest, the reason that I picked this book up is because of the cover.  I LOVED that the little chick had a shadow that was a big, bad T-Rex! I was intrigued and really wanted to read more.

When I read the book, I wasn’t disappointed! 🙂 The story is about a young chick who wants to be let into the super cool treehouse.  However, in order to be let into the treehouse, his family has to be BRAVE! Poor little chick can’t think of how his parents or grandparents are great grandparents or even older might be brave, so he walks away in sadness.

When he talks to his father about it, his father shows him an old photo album with photos of his grandfather the archaeologist.  Archaeologist grandfather was convinced that there were some big bones from really, really old ancestors and was digging on the edge of town.  You wanna know what little chick ended up learning? HE IS A DESCENDANT OF DINOSAURS!

When he goes back to the treehouse to tell the 3 big, mean animals his discovery, he ends up doing more than just impressing them about his lineage 🙂


This book is fun because it’s dinosaurs, which every kid loves, plus it has some factual knowledge sprinkled in here and there.  At the end of the book, the authors also talks a little bit about archaeology and how dinosaurs had feathers! This is definitely a story and not a non fiction book though; so don’t worry if reading a non fiction books with your little makes you pause!


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The Super Hungry Dinosaur by Martin Waddell

Super Hungry Dinosaur

Martin Waddell



One of the first storytimes I ever prepared had a rough theme of EATING (food is something I think about a lot!).  When I was searching for good books for the preschoolers, I came across this book and fell in love with it! The story centers around a young boy and his dog whose play is interrupted by a SUPER HUNGRY DINOSAUR! This Super Hungry Dinosaur says he’s going to eat the boy, the dog, the boy’s mom, the boy’s dad… you get the picture.  The boy isn’t having any of that nonsense, so he tries to stop the dino! Does he stop the dino? How does he stop the dino? IT’S FANTASTIC.


I like this book not just because of the fun illustrations and silly storyline, but because the author doesn’t let a tantrum-y dino get his way.  (But the illustrations are fantastic! They are so funny! And emotive!) When I was reading this book to the preschoolers, I really acted up the tantrum part.  Every single kid recognized that the dinosaur was being silly and needed to take a breather.  They also loved that this crazy library lady was pretending to be an angry, tantrum-throwing dinosaur!


You should read this book! Do it!



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