One Family by George Shannon


One Family by George Shannon

This book is mostly about families, with some counting thrown in.  It’s a really nice book because George Shannon counts up to 10

[G] The main reason that I like this book is because it shows all different types of families, not just a traditional 2 parent, 2 kid household.  It has large, extended families and small, 2 people families.  The book has families that all look the same and families that look quite different from each other.  And it shows families doing normal activities like cooking and going to the zoo.

I also like the repetitiveness of it–each page ends with the same two words: “One family.”


[BH] I think this book is a fabulously subtle counting book. It is all about a family being one, how different people make up different families but they are still ONE family. Throughout the book each page represents a number, after reading the book a couple of times you start to notice different things. George Shannon also does a fantastic job at diversifying the families that he portrays!  I fell in love with this book after reading up to the second page. Also he ends its that we are all one family on one earth – what a great little message!

Since the characters are doing a lot of activities you have most likely done at one time or another with your little use that to start a conversation about those experiences! When was the last time you went to the zoo? walked down the sidewalk with your whole family? Sat and watched the waves?


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Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews

DSC_1352[BH] Here is a sweet book for counting. Ten Black Dots is an easy, enjoyable book. The author uses  different amounts of black dots to create different objects. The creativity this shows children is fantastic. Who knew you could use the face of a snowman, the wheels of a car or even the dots on a snake! The book uses a simple approach to the illustrations which allows you and your little to focus on the counting and not be easily distracted by anything else.

[G] This counting book is fun because it is a little different from a lot of other books out there.  Yes, you still can count just like any other counting book, but there is another aspect to the book as well! This makes it really good for re-reading–you can focus on different things and have them practice what they’ve just learnt.



-Black dot stickers (or black marker on colored dots)

-markers or crayons

-a great imagination

Let your little create their dreams with however many dots they want to. Let them count the dots they ultimately use and then ask them to write that number on the paper. If your little needs help writing the number – use a separate piece of paper to write the number on and remind them to try their best (just like Ramon from Ish.)