Leaf Jumpers by Carole Gerbers


The fall in St. Louis this year has just been gorgeous, especially recently! The leaves are all turning colors and we’ve had bright blue skies; this is why people love fall! In honor of this weather, I read leaf stories during storytime last week, and boy were they a hit!

I liked Leaf Jumpers the best because of the gorgeous illustrations! They really do look like all the leaves on the trees! Leaf Jumpers is about siblings who are explaining why they love fall so much.  Clearly, they love the season because of the leaves! They go on to describe the different types of leaves they find (White Oak, Ginko, etc) and describe the colors and the shapes.  Then, of course, they rake the leaves into a big pile…. AND JUMP! I actually ended up skipping some pages during storytime (fidgety kids!!), but it’s got lots of different types of leaves to look at.  Or you can skip some pages like I did and the story won’t be impacted at all 🙂


I thought it was really funny in storytime because none of the kids had apparently done this.  I kept asking, what do you do with a big pile of leaves like this? And got a bunch of blank stares.  Maybe the crowd this past week was a little young.

Anyways.  It’s a cute story, especially for this time of year!

Some other awesome books about leaves (I had a really hard time deciding which book I wanted to talk mostly about today!!)

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson (these illustrations are AMAZING!)

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

Leaves by David Ezra Stein


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Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie by Jill Esbaum

Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie

Jill Esbaum


I feel like this is my official WELCOME! to #BHGFallFun ! The book I’m talking about today would be a perfect read to mark off some of those BINGO squares 🙂

So this is a nonfiction book, but I really enjoyed it! There are some really INSANE pictures (some really, really, really big pumpkins.  Like, so big I can’t even describe, you need to see!!).  This book is essentially the life cycle of the pumpkin.  How it starts by planting a seed, it grows into a small sprout, then gets bigger, flowers, and then into a bright orange pumpkin! Then the book talks about how some pumpkins are small, some are large, some are smooth, some are bumpy, and has pictures to go along with the words. Then the book goes even further… what do you do with a pumpkin once you get it? Make pie! And jack-o-lanterns!

pumpkin 2

I think this book does a really good job of taking a topic, teaching a lesson, but making it really interesting.  The photos in the book are superb and show things you and your little have probably seen before.  This book might be especially fun to read before you go pick your Halloween pumpkin!



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Peek! A Thai Hide-and-Seek by Minfong Ho

Peek! A Thai Hide-and-Seek

Minfong Ho


My storytime theme this past week was hide and seek.  And ho, boy, let me tell you, I really enjoyed finding books for this theme! I chose this theme because I really wanted to use Lucy Cousin’s book Jazzy in the Jungle (which you should also take a look at!), but the book I loved reading was Peek! A Thai Hide-and-Seek.  Like, really enjoyed reading!

Peek! has a simple plot.  A father and daughter are playing hide and seek around their house in Thailand.  There are lots of animals that they see around their house and the jungle scenery is quite lush.  The father searches for his daughter and in the process we get to make animal noises as the father finds each animal.  


However, the reason I really like this book is because the little girl is hiding on every page! During storytime, the kids all loved coming up to the front and pointing out where the little girl was hiding! Sometimes her hiding spot is really tough to find! A perfect book for reading with your little!

Plus, I’m really fascinated by how other languages say animal sounds.  This book is perfect for that as well 🙂


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Colors versus Shapes by Mike Boldt

Colors versus Shapes

Mike Boldt


I hope that you had a lovely long weekend! Now that we are officially into the swing of the school year, I thought that I would start the week off with a concept book.  In this case.. colors and shapes!

I found this book when I was shelf reading one afternoon and really enjoyed the way the book was set up.  A group of colors and a group of shapes are vying to be the stars of the book.  Each team is auditioning for the starring role! The backdrop is a stage and the two teams take turns to explain why they are the best!

Colors show that they are the best by mixing colors to make new ones.  Shapes show that they are the best by joining together to make new shapes.  Each team tries to outdo the other team, with crazier and crazier antics.  UNTIL! One shape and one color collide! Then the two sides work together to create something magical.


Often, I find that concept books can be a little boring.  I mean, they are doing their job and good for them, but as an adult, you can only read some things once or twice before you’re tearing your hair out.  This is not one of those concept books.  There is an actual plot while still teaching about these concepts.  Plus, it celebrates working together.  Who wouldn’t like this book!?


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City Colors by Zoran Milich

City Colors

Zoran Milich

[BH] This book is a fun and simple colors concept book. I first want to say I was totally impressed with the Houston Public Library – they had a whole little activity set for this book – it was so neat!Anyways back to the City Colors,  this book is a very basic, yet eye catching color book – great for the wee littles and also for those learning to read and sound things out as they will definitely feel successful with this book.  The pictures are vibrant and colorful (hahaha!) just what you need for book about colors. This is a book your little can read by themselves, or you can read together.
DSC_1440[G] This book is pretty straight forward, which is probably why I like it! It’s fun too because the pictures in the book are actual photographs of real things (cones! walls!) Your little should be able to recognize at least some things, or spot differences to things he sees everyday with what is in the book (a red London bus, for example!).  All around a solid book.

Color activities are endless so here are 2:

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