The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney


[BH] The Lion and the Mouse is a beautifully drawn wordless book. This illustrations in this book take my breath away, plus it is a wonderful story to expose your little to. The story is an adaptation of the Aesop’s fable about the lion and the mouse, which originally is a 43 stanza poem. The fable touches on the subjects of mutual respect, no matter the size, and kindness and karma.  I believe, blue hair here, about what comes around goes around, a small lesson on . In the story, the lion has the chance to eat the mouse, but chooses not to have the mouse as a meal, and is then later surprised when the mouse returns helps the lion from being someone’s dinner.


[BH] Not only is this an amazing moral story, that holds weight for everybody(even us adults!) it is gorgeous to look at. The drawings are so detailed and beautiful. It took my breath away the first time I opened up this book.  Every time I read this book, I take away a little bit more about being a good person and doing a kind act.


[G] When creating sets of books to take to schools and daycares, we try to include some sort of fable or fairy tale for every classroom.  Jerry Pinkney books are always high on the list when we start looking! His illustrations are always fantastic, but the ones in this book are really stand-out.  You can see so much emotion from the two main characters! Maybe my favorite illustration is the one where the lion has caught the mouse, and the mouse is looking up at the lion with these wide, fearful eyes, clearly thinking OH NO I AM ABOUT TO BE EATEN.


[G] I think that this book would be a really good candidate for a picture walk.  It’s essentially wordless anyways, but it does have a known story, so being able to connect the emotions and actions in the pictures to the story you will then tell them completes the picture walk!


Talk with your little and figure out an act of kindness that you and your little can feasible do!

Leave a bag of change next to a parking meter.Volunteer at a dog shelter. Create cards to pick up kids at a shelter or hospital. Hold the door open for the next person who is behind you!Tell their friend something they love about them


Let your little try and come up with an idea – Their ideas can be a simple things we wouldn’t think about. Like high fiving everyone in their classroom or all their teachers!