Wordless Wednesday


Journey by Aaron Becker

Welcome to our first review of a wordless book. I (Blue Hair) love wordless books because they allow your imagination to run wild. There is no story to limit what is happening in the book. And, bonus, your little can read this book no matter where they are in the process of learning to read.

[G] Journey tells the story of a young girl who lives in a big city.  The girl clearly wants to play, but her family is too busy.  However, this doesn’t stop the girl. She creates her own adventure using a red crayon. Using her imagination, the little girl visits fantastical lands, big cities, and ships in the sky.  She even starts chasing a bird and then makes a new friend in her real-life city. Since this is a wordless story, the illustrations are vibrant and telling.

This story celebrates imagination and this is why I like it so much.  Boring days happen –  maybe it’s raining outside, maybe all your child’s friends are busy, or maybe your little just can’t settle down to some of the toys they play with every day.  But this story shows kids that they can always be entertained by imagining.

Also, this is a story that can be read in pieces.  Perhaps you just want to look at the first world the young girl imagines.  Maybe you like the cloud ship and just want to look at that.  It’s up to you and your little!

Blue Hair here, and after I opened this book up, I knew I would love it, and that any little who loves imaginary worlds would love it too. The second page when the little girl escapes from her boring life, where everyone is too busy to play with her, sets you free in a magical world. The illustrations are incredibly detailed and invite you to get lost in them. I love the way Aaron Becker uses color, everything is just slightly subdued except for the little girls red pen. The end of this story brings a smile to your face and will brighten anyone’s day. Remember you can never be bored as long as you have your imagination!


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