Summer Fun

Wooo here’s to summer and here is to a fun activity – I hope your littles will enjoy. It is easy, simple and creates a fun little keepsake at the end: a summer fun journal!

For the best outcome you will need:

  • a blank paper journal (art store/cvs/target) something that does NOT have lines and does have a lot of pages
  • markers/crayons/watercolors – your coloring utensil of choice (or your littles)

if you don’t have access to a journal type thing just use plain paper and staple them together!!

why blank paper? This allows children to be as creative as possible and not feel pressure to make anything fit inside the lines that are given. When you hand a child lined paper, they will want to make their letters fit inside the lines, like you do, but they may not be able to do this – mostly because of the stage of writing and ability to control their wrist. Trying to fit in between the lines can cause stress on the writing process for littles and we don’t want to discourage their writing in any way! Their skills will improve over time and eventually be able to write in between the lines – but for now go line free, free of stress!

Now on to the project. At the end of everyday ( I found it worked best as an activity for when I was cooking dinner), or whenever it fits into your schedule, have your little sit down and draw something about that day. If your little is starting to write, be it scribbles, made up words or kid spelling, encourage them to write what it is that they drew.

What I love about this little project is it is something that you can make into a routine and it helps keep your littles mind working during those fun summer days! Another thing I love is to give your little different prompts when they go to draw about their day. Ask them what they loved, what made them mad that day, what excited them, what surprised them. The list is endless just use any feeling that you feel and ask your little. This will help them discuss their emotions and give them an outlet to express them!

I did this activity with a little I nannied last summer and he loved it, well he loved it for the 3 and a half weeks we both remembered to do it! Summer gets busy of course so fit it in when you can.

2 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. Dawn says:

    I did this with my little man, he is 5, and he loved it. I choose to offer this experience to him while I prepared his breakfast and packed his lunch. It went great, he was proud to share with me and his love for drawing was filled first thing. I am going to make this part of our morning routine.

    Thank you for continuing to inspire.

    • says:

      Dawn, I’m so glad you are adding this to y’all’s routine! It’ll help keep his little mind working all summer long 🙂

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