Summer Fun: Paint the Sidewalk


Paint the Sidewalk!

This is a fun easy activity for a really hot day. When that really hot day comes, bring this fun activity out for your little. All you need is a bucket/bowl/container that will hold water and paint brushes – any kind that you have! Take the water outside and paint the sidewalk/driveway/backyard whatever! Simple, quick and fun. What little doesn’t love water and what a fun way to enjoy the outdoors on a hot day.


You could even take this to the local pool or fountain where you like to play on hot days! It’s a portable activity.

DSC_1416I tried to write out Sidewalk Painting – but it is so hot here in Houston it started to evaporate before I could get the picture! So you can take it one notch higher, you can start talking to your little about what happens to their drawing after a while. Where is it going? What is causing it to disappear? Fun and science, who knew it was so simple and easy!

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