Sergio Makes a Splash by Edel Rodriguez

Before we get to the book…..a little announcement 🙂

So school is starting soon….eek!  Summer always goes by so quickly! We know that August is spent gearing up for the upcoming school year, whether it is half day preschool or full day elementary school (or preschool!).  So we’ve decided to gear up with you!

Blue Hair and I will be posting one book a day for the next two weeks with our picks for getting your little ready for school time!

So without further ado….

Sergio Makes a Splash!

Edel Rodriguez


Sergio is a penguin who loves water–taking baths, icy drinks, puddles.  However, Sergio is a penguin who cannot swim, so he’s scared of deep water! Sergio’s first day of school comes and he is SCARED (it’s swimming school of course!).  He has his floaties and his friends’ encouragement… but can he do it?


I found this book when I was preparing for a beach themed storytime.  While I did not end up using it in my storytime, I really enjoyed reading it! Part of the reason it appeals to me is because it is silly (anything with floaties!) and I can see myself doing what Sergio does–making excuse after excuse, but then doing what he is scared of.


This book is silly and cute.  The illustrations, done in four colors (white, black, blue/green turquoisey, and orange), make the book easy to look at and focus on important things.  As you read, your little will be giggling at Sergio and his actions and words.  It’s also a really good book to use to talk about the first day of school.  There is bound to be something your little is scared about on his first day, just like Sergio was! Being able to point out that Sergio was scared, but he did the thing he was scared of, will help give your own little some confidence.



Explore Sergio’s emotions with your little! Ask some questions (tips and tricks # 2 !) about what’s happening in the story and then relate those questions back to your little.  Questions like How is Sergio feeling? Why do you think he is feeling this way? are good starting points! Then you can ask them, Have you ever felt that way?
For a more water based activity…If you have a pool/lake/ocean handy, go swimming, just like Sergio 🙂 Don’t forget the floaties!!

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