Same, Same but Different by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

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Same, Same but Different is an endearing story about two little boys who become pen-pals, one in India and the other in America. They share back and forth about their lives, and ask questions I imagine any child would ask of a new friend. The back flap explains that the author Jenny Sue was inspired to write this book after visiting India and setting up an exchange between a school there and a school in America. The words “same, same but different” are repeated over and over again throughout the story and is a saying that Jenny Sue learned while she was traveling around India.

[BH] What a colorful, vibrant book to help littles understand that even though things are different between people they can still be somewhat similar! I love the second to last page of this book as it is a great visual for littles to see! They are both asleep with all the letters from the other all over their walls – just too sweet.

I would use this book as a jumping off ground to talk to your little about someone who may be a little different from them. Talk about the differences, whatever they may be, skin color, where they live, what their favorite toy is, who takes care of them, and then talk about their similarities: do they both have two eyes? do they both go to school? do they both eat breakfast in the morning? The possibilities of similarities and differences are endless. Children are curious about everything and they also notice everything.  Let them have an open dialogue about the differences they see and help them see that those differences in the end are just that, differences. And importantly, beyond those differences, there are also similarities!  Open, casual dialogue will help your child understand and explore the world around them.

[G] I stumbled upon this book one day when I was looking through the shelves for a display at the library. I liked the title and sat down to read it immediately. It came as no surprise that I enjoyed it immensely! One of the reasons I liked it was because it does a really nice job of showing how two little boys, who look different and live in different parts of the world, have pretty similar growing-up experiences.  It’s a good way to show your little one that people are not all that different from one another. You could even connect these two little boys and your own child.  For example, you could ask your little who they live with or where they live.

I also like this book because, as a former social studies teacher (nerd alert!), I think it does a nice job of introducing littles to the ideas of different places and different continents.  It’s never too early to start learning geography. Plus, the illustrations do a fantastic job of depicting the culture of these two places, especially the Indian culture!



Take a new adventure!

Do something with your little that you don’t normally do–go to a different park, have lunch some place new, check out museums! After experiencing something new, you can talk to your little and ask if it’s “same same, but different!”

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