Polar Bear’s Underwear by Tupera Tupera


So I have wanted to write about this book for A LONG TIME.  I have been holding off because I wanted to take a picture of it in real life so you could see how much fun the cut outs are… but it is ALWAYS CHECKED OUT.

So, here is the post without fun pictures because YOU NEED TO GO GET THIS BOOK.

I’ve read this book to ones and twos classes in daycares, threes and fours classes in daycares, pre-k in elementary schools, and kindergarteners.  It is pretty versatile.  One of the pre-k teachers even e-mailed me after my visit to say that the kids were STILL talking about this book.

The concept of this book is pretty simple.  Polar Bear can’t find his underwear and enlists the help of his friend Mouse to go looking for it.  As Mouse and Polar Bear go looking, the underwear is revealed in a cut out and as you turn the page you see who is wearing the underwear.  None of the underwear is boring.  Stripes, carrots, treat-filled… there are tons of different types! The older kids loved guessing whose underwear we saw based on the patterns.  The younger kids just were intrigued by the cut outs.

Really, you can’t go wrong with this book.  Plus it’s about underwear, which is a real winner.  The kids can’t get enough!

Bonus book if your kid liked the underwear of this book: Froggy Gets Dressed by Jack London 🙂


This book has a lot of patterns.  Which is always good practice! Give your kid a sheet of paper and have them make their own versions of each pair of underwear.  Draw stripes, draw treats, draw your own pattern! Maybe ask your kid to draw what they would like their underwear to look like!

If you wanted to get really fancy, you could make polar bear faces.  Take a paper plate, but out some holes for eyes and then let your little decorate with cotton balls, paint, tissue paper…really whatever you have lying around the house! Then hole punch a hole on each side of the mask and thread string through and tie onto your littles face.  We make masks a lot at the library.  It’s really fun to see the kids running around wearing these masks.  A lot of times the kids will get into character and start acting like the monster, polar bear, superhero, they really are!

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