Peek! A Thai Hide-and-Seek by Minfong Ho

Peek! A Thai Hide-and-Seek

Minfong Ho


My storytime theme this past week was hide and seek.  And ho, boy, let me tell you, I really enjoyed finding books for this theme! I chose this theme because I really wanted to use Lucy Cousin’s book Jazzy in the Jungle (which you should also take a look at!), but the book I loved reading was Peek! A Thai Hide-and-Seek.  Like, really enjoyed reading!

Peek! has a simple plot.  A father and daughter are playing hide and seek around their house in Thailand.  There are lots of animals that they see around their house and the jungle scenery is quite lush.  The father searches for his daughter and in the process we get to make animal noises as the father finds each animal.  


However, the reason I really like this book is because the little girl is hiding on every page! During storytime, the kids all loved coming up to the front and pointing out where the little girl was hiding! Sometimes her hiding spot is really tough to find! A perfect book for reading with your little!

Plus, I’m really fascinated by how other languages say animal sounds.  This book is perfect for that as well 🙂


Play hide and seek! I had numerous families say that the hide and seek storytime theme was perfect because they had just been playing the game over the weekend!


Or! If you want something more artistic….

A peekaboo apple! (The peekaboo part fit with the hide-and-seek storytime and the apple fit with our brand new fall display…)

peekaboo apple

A cute little worm, saying PEEKABOO!

peekaboo  apple 2

We did this craft during storytime and the kids liked it! I cut out apples from cardstock, then had the kids color it, paste tissue paper on it, and generally make it look fun (there were some interesting colored apples, let me tell you!).  I also gave them a worm to color as they wanted to.  After they finished their decorating, I cut the apple in half, stuck a brad on one edge and had the kids paste the worm on the bottom side of the apple.  Instant hide and seek worm-in-an-apple!



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