Peanut Butter & Cupcake by Terry Border

 IMG_2099Peanut Butter & Cupcake

Terry Border

I LOVE THIS BOOK. I can’t start this book any other way.  I. LOVE. IT.  When I first started my current job, a coworker introduced the book to me on a school visit.  We were reading to kindergartners and they got super into it.  Since then, I’ve read this book in first grade, kindergarten, and Pre-K classrooms.  I like it that much.

The book is about Peanut Butter (a piece of bread with peanut butter spread on top young’un) who is new in town.  Peanut Butter wants to find a friend to play with.  He end up wandering all over his neighborhood and asking lots of people to play (Hamburger, Cupcake, Soup, plus others!).  Sadly, finding a playmate is harder than Peanut Butter thought it would be.  But don’t worry, the book ends happily 🙂

IMG_2098Part of the reason this book work for smaller kids is because of the repetition.  Each time Peanut Butter asks to play he says the same thing and little start to catch on pretty quickly.  Plus, they like giggling at how silly “peanut butter and cupcake” or “peanut butter and hamburger” sounds.

Plus, as an adult, there’s enough humor throughout the book to keep even you entertained 🙂

I also really like this book because of the illustrations.  I mean, just look at it! I love the combination of whimsical and photographic.


You could do a couple of things here!

  1. Talk about Peanut Butter’s feelings.  Even the littlest kids I’ve read this to can easily identify how Peanut Butter is feeling.  
  2. Play the games depicted in the book! Go to the park and build a sand castle, jump some rope, find some friends and play some soccer (or some made up ball game).

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