Once Upon an Ordinary School Day by Colin McNaughton


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Today I [BH] am going to go in a little bit of adirection with this whole back to school book marathon we are doing here! (I hope you are enjoying it!) The book I chose is a book about an ordinary boy who has a very extraordinary day at school!

I wanted to share this book because it portrays school in a positive light for all those littles headed to school soon, and it’s just a fun book.  I love the way they have used black and white pages and then colored pages to distinguish between the ‘ordinary’ times and than the extraordinary times. The book portrays how fun and interesting school can be! And what a better way to get your little excited about school than to read a fun book about it!

IMG_4444Plus, this book has an amazing activity built right into it! Why not do what they do in the book – it is a great activity your little an do on their own! Depending on the music you use it can be a very relaxing activity – and it is endless because there are so many different types of music out thereyou can repeat this activity a lot and never have the same outcome!

What you need:

-Something to play music – phone/radio/cd player


-coloring utensils


Play a certain piece of music on repeat and let your little either write a story (like in the book) about what they feel from the music or draw pictures about what they are listening too! Then have your little explain what they drew so you can write the story down! If they love it change the piece of music and give them a new piece of paper!  Let them work for as long as they are content !!

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