New Year New Start!

Happy New Year all! Here is to a new year and new books for all of us to enjoy!

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So let’s start fresh and with a fun story about how I found a book. Growing up I loved this book called Ooh La La Max in Love it is a totally ridiculous book thats story line is all over the place. The illustrations and words join together in parts to create the story and it is seriously goofy.  I think what drew me in is the fact that it is basically nonsense and that each page has so much to look at!

The other day I needed to go to Barnes and Nobles to find a textbook (which they didn’t have ugh!) and of course a little bit of browsing ensued as well. As I was just about to leave empty handed I looked down at one of those middle display island things and on the bottom shelf this red book caught my eye. It looked very familiar yet, I don’t remember ever reading it. I picked it up and started to skim through the pages and instantly I knew it was written by the same author, Maira Kalman. It was undeniable, her style of writing and illustrations are so unique and interesting. So of course I didn’t leave empty handed.

The book, Beloved Dogby Maira Kalman is a story about dogs, yet also a story about her life and her relationship with dogs – which at points is a little dramatic. The story is not your average cute, easy going children’s book story as it deals with her real life and the loss of her husband. I like this fact about the book because it does not sugar coat anything and children should not be frightened by these ideas so the more they are intertwined in stories they become less dramatic for them.

The entirety of the book is a collection of her stories, books, magazine articles etc about dogs to commemorate all the dogs she has come across, both real and characters, in her life. It gives you a little insight into all the other stories she has written.

After reading the book I looked it up on amazon, of course, and realized that she has written a ton of books and now I need to read them all. So that is what I will be doing for the next few weeks, trying to find the books in the library and consume them all!

Here is to happy reading in 2016!

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