My Pen by Christopher Myers

My Pen by Christopher Myers

Guess what!!! This book is black and white and totally beautiful. My Pen is the portrayal of a young boys imagination that takes him all over the place. The book is full of learning opportunities, what are page margins? where is africa? It is full of wonderful illustrations and perfect for curious little minds. My favorite part is the page where he draws an elephant in a teacup. Can elephants fit in teacups?

The story flows so easily, you’ll want to read it over and over again with your little. You most likely won’t mind reading it over and over again until maybe the 50th time instead of with most books you are over them by the 2nd go round. My Pen just begs you to get your pen out and create an imaginary world with it! So do it, put the book down and grab some pens and paper for you and your little and see what your imagination dreams up.

ps. quick little random tip! You know all those pieces of wonderful scribble artwork your little can create 100 of in about point two seconds? Give them back to your little with a different medium to work with and see what they can add to it! Great way to conserve paper and a fun way for your child to develop their artistic abilities!

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