Monster, Monster by Melanie Walsh

Monster, Monster

Melanie Walsh


So a few weeks ago, it was my week for storytime and through a series of unforeseen events it was the day before and I still wasn’t sure what I was doing.  Oops. So I decided to do find the most interactive, flip-the-flap books I could (you know, the instant kid-approved books at storytime).  And thus I found Monster, Monster.  This has quickly become a favorite to use at daycares for all ages and to even use for older kids at school visits!


The premise of Monster, Monster is simple.  There is a monster hidden somewhere in the book and the reader needs to find him! Each page has someone/something hidden behind a black shape that then flips down to reveal who is hidden! I had lots of fun with the kids as they tried to guess if the monster was behind each of the flaps.  The kids really enjoyed shouting out what they thought it was and then groaning and laughing after they were right or wrong.  


The text in this book is super simple, but it works for the book.  With enough readings, maybe your little will be able to read it to you!


This books is really simple and after one or two reads your little might not be as entranced.  However, I think that if you changed it up this book would go the extra mile!

Trace the black flip-down-flap and have your little go to town! Have them create a monster that fits the shape or have them create another someone that fits behind the flap!

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