Leaf Jumpers by Carole Gerbers


The fall in St. Louis this year has just been gorgeous, especially recently! The leaves are all turning colors and we’ve had bright blue skies; this is why people love fall! In honor of this weather, I read leaf stories during storytime last week, and boy were they a hit!

I liked Leaf Jumpers the best because of the gorgeous illustrations! They really do look like all the leaves on the trees! Leaf Jumpers is about siblings who are explaining why they love fall so much.  Clearly, they love the season because of the leaves! They go on to describe the different types of leaves they find (White Oak, Ginko, etc) and describe the colors and the shapes.  Then, of course, they rake the leaves into a big pile…. AND JUMP! I actually ended up skipping some pages during storytime (fidgety kids!!), but it’s got lots of different types of leaves to look at.  Or you can skip some pages like I did and the story won’t be impacted at all 🙂


I thought it was really funny in storytime because none of the kids had apparently done this.  I kept asking, what do you do with a big pile of leaves like this? And got a bunch of blank stares.  Maybe the crowd this past week was a little young.

Anyways.  It’s a cute story, especially for this time of year!

Some other awesome books about leaves (I had a really hard time deciding which book I wanted to talk mostly about today!!)

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson (these illustrations are AMAZING!)

Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

Leaves by David Ezra Stein


Go on a leaf walk! Find different leaves, paste them on a sheet of paper/sheets of paper stapled together like a book and have your little describe the leaves.  What color are they? What shape?

You could make some leaf rubbings! Leaf rubbings work best for leaves that are not all crackly and dry, so you’ll probably have to pull them off the tree.  But put the leaf underneath a sheet of paper.  You’ll want the vein-ier side facing up.  Then use a crayon to color over the leaf!

Rake a big ole pile of leaves and jump!


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