I’m Not Ready! by Jonathan Allen

I’m Not Ready!

Jonathan Allen

I was introduced to Baby Owl and Owly in I’m Not Scared! which I thought was pretty adorable.  When I sat down to read more Baby Owl and Owly stories, I saw this one about the first day of preschool and thought “oh, this was me!”

I’m Not Ready! has Baby Owl doing anything and everything to delay his first day of preschool! His constant refrain is “I’m not ready!” when his mom keeps trying to hurry him along so he can be on time for the first day of school.  

I remember elementary school and not wanting to go back to school AT ALL.  I would do anything to not go that first day, so I totally sympathize with Baby Owl.  I can understand his pain and can even still feel it!

There is a nice surprise at the end, with Baby Owl again saying “I’m not ready!” but this time it will make you laugh 🙂


Time your morning routine! I don’t know about you guys, but I am COMPETITIVE! I always like trying to beat people in races or games.  Turning your little’s morning into a game with themselves will help the mornings go by faster and give your little something other than their nerves to think about on that first day of school morning.

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