I Am Amelia Earhart by Brad Metzler

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Girl Power: I Am Amelia Earhart

Brad Metzler

Happy Women’s Equality Day two days early! Bet you didn’t know about this, but let me tell you I didn’t either until I found this sneaky calendar with all sorts of fun things on each day, like Friday is National Cherry Turnover Day [what!].


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[BH] What better way to celebrate this important day than with a book about Amelia Earhart.  Amelia Earhart was such an empowering woman – who started as a brave and determined little girl. I am Amelia Earhart is a wonderful book that taught me [yes, even me!] about Amelia’s journey to becoming the first woman to fly across the Atlantic by herself. And oh girl [I really wanted to write boy out of habit but felt misplaced in this women’s celebration post], she didn’t stop there! The book details all of her accomplishments and does it in a fun and child friendly way! I love, love the way the author has added in original pictures at the back to show your littles what everything really looked like! It makes it that much more real.

Quick sidenote – if you have an adventurous little, the beginning of this story may give them a few fun[!] ideas. Talk to your little about safety if you see the little lightbulb in their head go off!

DSC_1473Brad Meltzer has a whole series of I Am books about interesting people who have changed the world. Check out the other books in the series. They are all as informative and engaging as this one!

[G] I ended up really liking this book, but it took me a second to understand what was happening.  The character of Amelia in the book speaks like she is an adult, but her illustrated character stays at about the age of 7. As soon as I understood this (and I’m a little embarrassed it took me about half the book…), things made a lot more sense to me!

After I got used to this, the main reason I liked this book is because of the “I can do it!” attitude of young Amelia.  She refuses to listen to people when they say she can’t or shouldn’t do something. This is such an important lesson! Amelia says if boys can, I can! LOVE THIS.

The author does not include Amelia’s disappearance in the main story, but she does include it as a postscript type deal. So, if you want to bring up the subject, cool! If you don’t, no worries about having to skip a page!


Make some paper airplanes, have your little draw an airplane and then create it with popsicle sticks or whatever other craft materials you have lying around, make a Lego or Lincoln Log creation… Just let your little create!

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