Harlem’s Little Blackbird by Renee Watson

DSC_1478I hope you all had a wonderful Women’s Equality Day yesterday. I hope you knew it was Women’s Equality Day because of our post on Monday but if not, celebrate today! We, at Blue Hair and the Ghost, believe everyday should be about equality.  Harlem’s Little Blackbird is a book about a little girl who uses her voice to help fight segregation and spread joy and goodness in the world. I think it fits with the idea of women’s equality and more! Yes, the book deals with strong issues but these are great for our littles to know and learn. They are all issues our world still seems to be dealing with and why not start a small conversation with your little about them now? The book is a tad bit lengthy so it is not one for those wee littles.

[BH] This book is beautiful in its visual and written storytelling. I love how well the illustrations depict the Harlem Renaissance. I feel that this book deals with the very serious issues of  slavery, and equal rights in a way that doesn’t overwhelm anyone and helps opens the door for conversations about our country’s history. Overall what a interesting story about a little girl who loved to sing and where she let that take her in the world, all the while standing up for herself and doing good for others. All littles need to read this book about a strong little who becomes a stronger woman. And I don’t know about you but I didn’t know any of this so I learned something as well. I try to learn something new everyday and today it was easy!


Listen to and enjoy some Jazz from the Harlem Renaissance. Get dancing and moving like Florence. Even make up some words to accompany the song! Here is a song that composed by Duke Ellington as a tribute to her called “Black Beauty”



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