Flotsam by David Wiesner

DSC_1488 Flotsam by David Wiesner

Happy Wordless Wednesday! I hope y’all are ready for this amazing book. The first giveaway that Flotsam is a quality piece of children’s literature is that it has a beautiful Caldecott Medal on the cover. David Wiesner has received to other Caldecott Medals, two Caldecott Honors and a Newbery Honor Book award. Anyways this book is just absolutely fantastic. The cover captures you straight away with the bold red and once you have ‘read’ the book the cover makes a little more sense. I also chose this book because it’s about a little boy who is at the beach, and I don’t know about you but I sure am missing the beach right now.

The story follows a little boy who finds a camera that has been washed up on to the shore. He has the film developed and finds all these intriguingly odd pictures of sea creatures and then of all the kids that have found the camera before him. The illustrations are just out of this world amazing. You could spend hours looking at all the detail David has put into the illustrations, just breathtaking, your little will get lost in them.DSC_1489In my opinion this book is a winner as it takes you on a journey that you can get lost in and forget about what is happening. Let your little get lost in this magical story that they can read since there are no words in this book. Oh how I love wordless books and how they include and build up all readers!  And if you are looking for more wordless books David Wiesner’s book Tuesday is another great ‘read’.

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