City Colors by Zoran Milich

City Colors

Zoran Milich

[BH] This book is a fun and simple colors concept book. I first want to say I was totally impressed with the Houston Public Library – they had a whole little activity set for this book – it was so neat!Anyways back to the City Colors,  this book is a very basic, yet eye catching color book – great for the wee littles and also for those learning to read and sound things out as they will definitely feel successful with this book.  The pictures are vibrant and colorful (hahaha!) just what you need for book about colors. This is a book your little can read by themselves, or you can read together.
DSC_1440[G] This book is pretty straight forward, which is probably why I like it! It’s fun too because the pictures in the book are actual photographs of real things (cones! walls!) Your little should be able to recognize at least some things, or spot differences to things he sees everyday with what is in the book (a red London bus, for example!).  All around a solid book.

Color activities are endless so here are 2:

  1. Color Adventure

To go along with this book (and yes it is similar to the book activity from last week) – go get a disposable camera and let your little take pictures of colors.  Go on an adventure around your house. Have the pictures printed out and glue them into a book – (target has great little blank books in their spot section right now!) or just fold some paper up and staple it together.

  1. Mosaic

Grab any type of color paper that you have and let your little rip and tear pieces and create a colorful mosaic!  While making the gorgeous piece of art talk about the different colors that they are using! Which ones are primary colors? Wha

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