Chalk by Bill Thomson

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Bill Thomson

chalk 1

So recently, the parking lot at the library has had lots of chalk drawings. I love seeing them! The kids that did the drawings were clearly into it–there were tons of them! These drawings were part of the reason that I chose this book this week!

So Chalk is a book about three kids who use their imaginations to brighten up a rainy day! One of the kids brings a bag of chalk to the park and each of the kids draws something different.  One girl draws a sun and from there things get crazy! One of the boy draws a dinosaur and they need to think fast to take care of it.  

I really like the creativity of this book.  Plus, the way the book is illustrated is fun–it is made to look like a photograph.  There is one page that sticks in my mind: there is a close up of one of the girls when she picks her chalk, and the look of pure EXCITEMENT! It’s fantastic.  This one picture is one of the top reasons I like this book.  I feel like I have had a look like that on my face at least once in my life.  It’s wonderful.

chalk 2


Get some sidewalk chalk and let your imagination run wild! Maybe ask your little what would make their rainy day better!

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