Red, White and Boom By Lee Wardlaw


Red, White, and Boom! Shows three different popular Fourth of July activities—parades, beach going, and firework watching! It has simple text, but lots of activity going on in the bold illustrations.  Littles should be able to recognize something that they do on the Fourth—eating, playing, swimming, kite flying, music listening—whatever!  

[G] I like this book because it’s deceptively simple.  The text is short, sweet, and rhymes.  BUT! The illustrations make it much more complex! There’s lots of stuff happening on each page and everything is bright, bold, and clear.  My favorite part is the parade section at the beginning!

I also really like this book because it shows everything that I ALWAYS wanted to do on this holiday.  Pretty much for as long as I can remember, I had swim meets on July 4th weekend.  Sometimes we would go see fireworks, or set off fireworks in the street, but I always wanted to go to parades, or the beach, or BBQs.  This book is really me living out (through a book!) my childhood Fourth of July dreams!IMG_4229

[BH] Color! This book is full of vibrant paper cut out illustrations, perfect for a good Fourth of July celebration book.  The rhyming enhances the simple language used to portraty the fun and liveliness of different types of celebrations. I really enjoyed this book because it shows different ways people tend to enjoy their Fourth. Personally, if I had a choice I would be at the beach, toes in the sand, soaking up those rays of sunshine!


We are going to lay out a bunch of different activities for the 4th because why not!

  1. Noise maker – definitely need at least one noise maker for a parade or 4th celebration


  • 2 paper platets
  • paint/crayons/markers
  • noodles/beans/beads (anythign that will make noise)
  • stapler
  • plastic fork/pom pom

– Spread the two paper plates out upside down and let your little decorate them!

You can use a fork or pom pom and dip it into paint to make firework marks on the plates

– let dry

-pour beans/noodles/rocks/beads into the center of the plate

– staple the sides of the two plates together – close enough so the noise making stuff wont fall out!  for safety if you have tiny hands with the plates use duct tape or masking tape around the edges to cover the staples.


  1.  Paper tear art

This book is full of beautiful paper cut illustrations so lets create a beautiful art out of paper tearing. Paper tearing is great for littles fine motor skills and finger dexterity!


  • Glue – stick glue is the easiest or if you have it contact paper! (tape the contact paper sticky side up on a table and then your little just sticks the paper where they want it and no glue no mess!)
  • color paper!
  • fingers

Use the book as a jumping off point of what fireworks look like and then let your little go wild! Rip and tear all shapes and glue them down on the paper! Who knows what amazing creations will emerge

If you used contact paper take a piece of paper and stick it on over your littles cut outs when done and then you have a gorgeous – no mess piece of art!


  1. Messy project – 4th of July Banner (do this one outside!!!)


  • Paper – long piece of white butcher paper (or a bunch of pieces taped together)
  • toothbrush / paintbrushes
  • paint
  • markers

On the long banner piece of paper have your little (or you) write out Happy 4th of July!

Take the toothbrush and paint and spray/splatter color all over the paper go crazy – get colorful!

The spray look will make fireworks appear on the paper! This is a fun activity for a nice day out and you aren’t worried about getting a little dirty. 🙂

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